Monday, August 14, 2017

More Maine fun!

There was a silent auction at the quilt show in Maine.  One of the items for sale was a little top made by Wendy and I had to have it.  I also bought another adorable little quilt made by someone in Wendy's guilt.

You can tell this one is Wendy's-- her use of border fabrics is so awesome!

I got my packages of fabrics that I bought in Maine and spread them out on the floor!

Cyndi has a wonderful collection of cheater fabrics and Wendy inspired me to use them as a backing.  I love the white one which is a French General fabric, of course!  I loved the little squares, which I'd received when I was doing the small pin cushions from Temecula Quilts a while ago.

Cyndi had used that border fabric in a great little quilt so I decided I needed some of it.  
My phone is acting up again so these are the only pictures I can post today.  I'll hopefully be able to put the rest on soon. Sorry.  Happy I was able to at least get these ones done!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Small Sunriver quilt show

This past weekend, there was a small quilt show at the Sunriver mall, which is near our cabin.  Of course I had to go as soon as it opened!

Love basket quilts;  this one had super interesting corners.  I've never done anything like this.

It's too bad that the shadow was over half the quilt.  This was a great little quilt which looks like it would use up loads of scraps!

I bought the gypsy wife pattern but have yet to sew it.  One of these days.

The reason I wanted to get there early was to get first dibs at the sale stuff made by guild members.  Two years ago, I bought a small barn quilt for $40.  So that was my first stop and I found an adorable basket.  I have yet to hang them but right now they are making my garage looks quilty!

We have my daughter and her family with us all week and one of their favorite things to play with are their plasma cars.  When I was washing my car, we realized their plasma cars were also dirty so we had to wash them as well.  Hope you can see that little Jackie was a little excited about the suds!

My own blocks that I've sewn will be my next post.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Maine quilt show pictures

Last weekend I was in Maine attending their annual quilt show.  It was really impressive!

On entering the front door, we were greeted by a most fabulous quilt.
Harriet Hargrave was teaching there and she had this quilt hanging in the entry.  I just loved her use of reproduction fabrics;  we also thought that she must have dyed the muslin to get the antique look.  This quilt was called "Softly Spoken", which seems appropriate.

What a great use of hexagons!!
Here's another one, totally different!

This quilter made a full size Storm at Sea and then made a smaller version!

I love this little appliqué quilt.  Pattern is called "Heart Strings and Hope Chests" by Anne Morrell Robinson.

For all you mini-lovers (Janet O... this one's for you!).  See the little glove on the right?  Great idea they have:  they put a glove on any quilt that has been hand-quilted!  They also put a green dot on the quilt's name card, indicating that the back is worth looking at!  Very clever!

I thought this was a great way to use selvages (for those of us collecting them!)

Great simple quilt!

Another great little appliqué quilt.  This one is "Gypsy Jazz" by Robyn Falloon.

Did I mention that Wendy and I did a little quilt shopping?  Our first stop was at On-Board Fabrics, which is housed in a former cow barn.  Great little building but the best thing about this store was their collection of sewing machines!!  I'm only showing you one wall... there were machines everywhere!

We also went to Attic Heirlooms, which I had heard was not to be missed.  It did not disappoint.  I think I bought a couple of patterns, a small kit and maybe some more wool!! ;-)

Of course we had to visit Cyndi Black's shop called Busy Thimble.  Many of you know this shop but I can't get over how much fabric she has hidden away.  Last time I was there, I was too overwhelmed to get any pictures but this time I was determined to share the inside with you.  

Think you might find some fabric to buy there??

Wendy and I spotted this "tiny house" while driving and I really wanted to send you a picture.  I've never seen one up close.  I was so focused on the house that I neglected to include their extensive garden next to the house.  To be honest, I don't think my fabric and machines would fit inside this, forget about a bed!  Cute, hunh??

One other not-to-be-missed in Maine was a lobster dinner!  We bought the lobsters in a very small local shop and Wendy's husband cooked them in sea water he got for our dinner.  OMG.  IT was so good.  I had to show you.

That's about it from Maine.  I'm up at the cabin and actually did get a little sewing done this week.  I'll show you that progress later this weekend.  My daughter and her family arrive this afternoon for a week, so I probably won't get much done during that time but very excited to the family being here!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Where did the time go? And how about that Wendy Reed??!!!

Well, I can't believe it's August already!  I lost the last two weeks of July!  After the Sisters quilt show, I babysat my grandkids for a week, recovered for a few days and then flew to Maine to visit with Wendy Reed (constantquilter), which was a great treat.  Then I was home a couple of days and we drove up to our cabin in Oregon for an extended visit.  That's where I'll be for the next 3 weeks... I think I'll stay here for the eclipse since this area is supposed to get almost the totality of the experience!  Plus August 21 is my 40th wedding anniversary.  NO idea how THAT happened!!  Anyway, quilts anyone???

WHEW!  Finally time to put something on my blog.

Here are Wendy and I, after nearly a week of laughing, talking, eating and shopping!  In short, we are happy campers! (except  that I was leaving)

Wendy and her husband Gordon are really the sweetest people and I feel so lucky to have been invited to visit them.  We had a great time.  They showed me a true slice of life as a "Mainer" or "Maine-iac!!".   I can see why they love it there!  I'd love it, too!  

I want to give you a taste of Wendy's stash... This is her feed sack collection.  OMG.  Gorgeous!  I think she said she's been collecting them for over 50 years!

And some of her fabrics!!  Some... not all... ;-)

Want to see some of Wendy's work?? Mind you, Wendy does not follow patterns.  Oh, how I wish I could do that.

Isn't this a great way to use up extra fabrics?  Of course it wouldn't make much of a dent!  She and Cyndi (Busy Thimble, now my favorite LQS!) exchange 1-1/2" squares of all their fabrics.

Just a small hexagon project!  Isn't it great!  Can you see her fussy-cut little white hexies??!!

Wendy has an uncanny ability to recreate antique quilts, using truly antique fabrics;  then she replicates it with reproduction fabrics.  I showed you a quilt she'd done and shared when I went to the Shelbourne Museum with her last fall.  Can you tell which of these is using the antique original fabrics and which is the reproduction??

here's another pair! Can you tell which is which?

Since I'm extolling the virtues of Wendy Reed, here are a couple of quilts she entered in the Maine Quilt show, which was ostensibly why I went.  The first one is made of orphan blocks she had accumulated!  I just love it.  She called it "Pot Luck" and she used only cheater-cloths on the back, which made it even more interesting.  Of course, she used her pot-holder method of quilting each individual block separately before connecting them together.

Fabulous or what?  Do you see the ribbon hanging on the side? One more to add to her extensive collection!  Wendy also entered her Shenandoah Valley pot-holder quilt that she's been sharing on her blog.  The quilt won First Place, as well as several other accolades and ribbons.  I'm not able to show you the picture since the organizer of that sew-along wants to display them all together.  It's spectacular!

These next two were a challenge organized by her guild.  Each invited participant was to copy a block from the book "One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns" and then make a modern version of the original block.  Here are Wendy's, amazing as always!

Can you see the rick-rack between the yo-yos??  Isn't her background fabric fabulous??

I've got many more pictures from the show to share with you but I'll do that hopefully tomorrow.  I've got someone coming over in the morning to hopefully purchase my Bernina 1080, which is the first of my attempts at downsizing.  If you have any interest in a Bernina 1130, let me know.  That's next on my list;  a Singer 301 will follow.  I've also got a Rocketeer to sell. (Singer 401, I think).

Have I been doing any sewing?  Hardly any.  I did this when I was watching my grandkids a few weeks ago.  I'm now completely behind on this project.

I'm going to sew a bit this afternoon, since it's about 100* outside and I definitely wilt and/or melt in that heat!  

I'm BAAAAACK!  And I think I figured out an easier way to transfer the pictures from my phone to my blog... anyone every use Airdrop?? Totally new to me...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A little sewing.. woohoo

I'm still trying to recover from a week watching the three grandkids but managed to squeeze in a little sewing last night.  I wanted to catch up on the Marvelous Monday Minis, which had been giving me so much grief!

Why would I have so much trouble making simple little 2" blocks?? Primarily because I had the wrong measurements!! UGH.  I think I made them each 3 times!  Finally got them done!

I've downloaded all the rest of the pictures from the Sisters Quilt show and will show you some now and the rest tomorrow or Tuesday.

This picture is an overview of one of the buildings.  It's actually where the Stitchin Post used to be years ago before they built their own building.  Unfortunately the quilts along the top railing are impossible to see from below.  It's so picturesque, though.  Doesn't it look like a building from the old wild west??

Here's a close up of the quilt in the middle.

Here are the Lori Holt Vintage Farm Girl.  They are very inspiring. So cute.  remember I'm doing my Triangle Gatherings from that fabric line (or similar manufacturers)...although after seeing these, I'm inspired to work on this quilt. 

Log cabins:

That's it for now.  More will follow!